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What is intellectual property?

The basics of Intellectual Property

What is a Patent?

A patent is a right granted by the government to stop someone else from buy, selling, or making your invention.

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What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a right to stop others from using a word or logo that is confusingly similar to your word or logo.

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What is a Copyright?

A copyright is a right to stop others from using your creative work (book, movie, photo, etc.) without your permission.

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What is a patent?

Areas of Expertise

What is a trademark?

Top Questions about Intellectual Property

Can I prepare my own application?

Yes, an inventor can file a patent application on his/her own.

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The difference between ™ and ® trademarks

The ™ is used common law trademarks not registered with the USPTO. The ® is for trademarks registered with the USPTO.

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Is a patent worth the money?

It depends? If you have big dreams of someone coming and knocking on your door to buy you patent, it is not worth it. If you are looking to protect the assets of you company then yes, it is worth it.

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